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sonic generations or OoT? (Archived)
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3DS Sees Record One Week Sales as Mario Tops a Million ( Article) (Archived)VampiricDragon_712/26/2011
Need NES game in VC Section... (Archived)Kupin112/26/2011
Did anyone else want (Zen Pinball) (Archived)monkeypahng812/26/2011
Going out to get a 3DS today. (Archived)Asheron61412/26/2011
Super Happy New Funtime FC Swap Thread (Archived)Grakleaf512/26/2011
Question about new battery packs (Archived)WiiFan77712/26/2011
[Famitsu] 3DS breaks 4m & SM3DL/MK7 break 1m (Archived)ZeroChanceOfBan512/26/2011
got a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas... (Archived)
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Is it bad to charge while playing? (Archived)Gamma 128312/26/2011
What Should I Do? (Archived)xxnike629xx912/26/2011
picking out a hardshell case and a carrying case for my needs (Archived)Botnus912612/26/2011
What are the odds of an improved 3DS in... (Archived)
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3DS best of 2011 (Archived)
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Need help with friends list and E-Shop. (Archived)ACx7312/26/2011
Add me only if we'd probably be friends IRL (Archived)ObjectiveLogic612/26/2011
Okay, what the hell is going on here?! (Archived)ZombiePikmin612/26/2011
The second analog stick may be a burden, but not as bad as it was in the 90's (Archived)Shadowfxd2812/26/2011
3DS sells over 510k last week in Japan, Mario and Mario Kart 7 over 1 million (Archived)Kitt Thrust612/26/2011
My sister needs 3DS friends (Archived)
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