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3DS sells like crazy in Japan due to Monster Hunter 3G (Archived)
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Meh, is okay. (Archived)
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Slide Pad Pro, required for some games? Or just a convenience? (Archived)LegendXP812/13/2011
Wanting a new 3DS game.. (Archived)1GATORFAN512/13/2011
Nintendo of America: Q1 Software Lineup! (Archived)
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What's up with the purple squares in the middle of the MK7 puzzle? (Archived)
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Is there any way to see the Nintendo Video backlog? (Archived)megagooseqqq412/13/2011
Want to get Pushmo... but... (Archived)m0986-8812/13/2011
Will the 110v charger work on a 220? (Archived)
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2012 Europe Release dates (Archived)R0cks0l1dd1012/13/2011
Nintendo, again, reiterates that the GBA games are due out before end of 2011. (Archived)
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get a red 3ds separately and OOT or just the bundle? (Archived)Blastia312/13/2011
What ever happened to 3D Hollywood movies? (Archived)Simon_Isturiz912/13/2011
new Kid Icarus Uprising Trailer (Archived)ZeroChanceOfBan912/13/2011
hurry up with pokedex 3d... (Archived)Flootenkerp812/13/2011
Recommend me a $30 3DS game. (Archived)
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Wait, WHHHAAA? You can play imported DS games on the 3DS?! O_O (Archived)
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I want a Mii that looks like an Unown, but I'm having trouble making one... (Archived)
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So what'd GameStop do to get those exclusives? holy. (Archived)Sakurafanboy712/13/2011
Japan 2012 Release Dates (JAN) (Archived)Nekoakuma512/13/2011
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