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So those in the US... (Archived)
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So do we get surveys (on club nintendo) for the GBA games? (Archived)Bigglesworth827112/16/2011
3DS Circle Pad Pro? (Archived)Finale_Wanderer312/16/2011
What if... (Archived)blackweasel30612/16/2011
Can someone recommend me some DS rpgs? (Archived)
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You know you suck at F-Zero when ... (Archived)Chenmaster2612/16/2011
Amazing Mirror is simply amazing. (Archived)
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Wait...is it true? (3D Classic Kid Icarus) (Archived)acman616912/16/2011
Now that the GBA games have been released, can we all finally admit..... (Archived)
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wanna get 3 more 3ds games to round off my collection before the new yr. (Archived)
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So are they gonna update the GBA games over time? (Archived)kjrain12412/16/2011
yayyy for the GBA games! (Archived)
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I blame this community for the horrible out come of these GBA games. (Archived)
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I take back what I said earlier..... (Archived)Darkstorm16612/16/2011
Is it possible to share eShop downloads? (Archived)ultimalegion1012/16/2011
Selling mine. Anything I need to do prior? (Archived)gldoorii512/16/2011
Can you move ambassador status to another 3DS? (Archived)KRKou312/16/2011
i love 9 volt's mini games in Warioware for the GBA (Archived)ObtuseAngina412/16/2011
So i guess you cant purchase every GB game off of eshop (Archived)CriticStorm512/16/2011
Giant AR cards and fun 3D stuff recommendations (Archived)Xechs612/16/2011
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