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Oh geeze, the Ambassador games suck... (Archived)Sakurafanboy312/17/2011
A Valid complaint, Why Cant Nintendo..... (Archived)
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Quick question about Club nintendo. (Archived)
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All Praise Reggie (Archived)
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can you save a 3d video in the app? (Archived)ouijaouija512/17/2011
Mighty Switch Force Release Date? ( ESHOP ) & Resident Evil: Rev Question (Archived)boeing321312/17/2011
Poorly manufactured machine. (Archived)MrL212/17/2011
Genres you most want to play on 3DS (Archived)miraimike312/17/2011
Mario Kart GBA question... (Archived)FKRW4Life512/17/2011
What game should I buy with the 3DS? (Archived)ExtremeLuchador812/17/2011
How to get the AI buddies in Kirby atAM to follow you? (Archived)metroid00700612/17/2011
Need 3DS friends (Archived)nhlduckz35212/17/2011
any idea what this month's 3d classic is? (Archived)telocaster312/17/2011
Anyone record any cool 3D videos or stop motion animation yet? (Archived)TheMisfit412/17/2011
zelda charity marathon (Archived)AceMos112/17/2011
Can Anyone link me too a good pack of styli, that is under $10 (Archived)Bigglesworth827112/17/2011
I want New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS (Archived)Spoinkfan718712/17/2011
GBA games disappearing from the home menu? (Archived)
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Post your personal top 3 of the ambassador games. (Archived)
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club nintendo help? (Archived)ROFLROOSTER912/17/2011
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