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Are we getting folders for all our games and apps in the upcoming patch? (Archived)BigReed410/27/2011
Screwed up my system, repair price worth it or no? (Archived)
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Plasma EXE2010/27/2011
Able to access Xbox Friends list via 3DS? (Archived)Red Orc610/27/2011
Academy: Checkers (Archived)darrencorgan210/27/2011
I've covered the 3D indicator light and the blue LED with a black tape... (Archived)
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Really, my only actual complaint with the 3DS is the stylus placement. (Archived)
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Who do you get your "proffesional reviews" from? (Archived)
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Do you enjoy some games more in certain seasons? (Archived)
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So if I kinda stink at platformers should I still get Super Mario 3D Land? (Archived)Lord_Vishana910/27/2011
i will tell whats wrong with street fighter for the 3ds. (Archived)otacon_4201010/27/2011
Super Mario 3D Land Famitsu Score (Archived)
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Is there a possibility of a 3D Super Princess Peach sequel? (Archived)
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It May Be A Crazy Kuestion... (Archived)
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Just bought a 3ds add me (Archived)telocaster910/26/2011
Question about the online shops for DSi and 3DS... (Archived)StormKMD510/26/2011
PC games you want on 3DS! (Archived)
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Wow Factor (Archived)RoryMcilroy410/26/2011
Advise me 3DS boarders. What should I do? (Archived)ninjawiggy810/26/2011
If the wireless is on, and I activate a DS title, does it keep draining battery? (Archived)MicroOmegaMan210/26/2011
SML3D Spoilers! (Archived)
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