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need info please read... (Archived)Grim__666212/16/2011
I regret not buying the 3DS early now (Archived)
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What games have special slip covers? (Archived)DOAsaturn512/16/2011
How much is a 3DS car charger in retail stores? (Archived)RemixDeluxe412/16/2011
why arent my games downloading... (Archived)MetaKnightWolf512/16/2011
How do you save an edited video? (Archived)Smackie_theFrog212/16/2011
So, how do you save in Amazing Mirror? >_> (Archived)Dark-Kakashi912/16/2011
Just wondering if the GBA games have any form of multiplayer. (Archived)Grandy12712/16/2011
Lol, I know why there's no sleep mode/quick saves on GBA games. (Archived)
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are the gba games out yet (Archived)lynnfry312/16/2011
So we've al heard that the GBA games are out (Archived)Turbo_TRex912/16/2011
Huh, so the GBA games aren't running on an emulator after all. (Archived)
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Bit confused. (Archived)skawo93612/16/2011
Gah. Damn, uncharged 3ds. (Archived)gunstarz112/16/2011
Well F***! I just lost my Four Swords data to my own stupidity (Archived)Gogo726312/16/2011
How to unlock Find Mii 2? (Archived)billybobjoejr512/16/2011
Are the gba games eligible for club nintendo coins? (Archived)Murderstorm117312/16/2011
Drained battery/streetpass glitch (Archived)G_Foo_Chombey212/16/2011
when I play Fire Emblem, should it be on normal or hard? (Archived)
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burn in image danger from playing gba/nes? (Archived)zender1999412/16/2011
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