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The music in Swapnote is fantastic (Archived)Lord_Vishana812/23/2011
Pushmo worth it even if I don't like puzzle games? (Archived)The_Pig_Hostage512/23/2011
So who else wants? (Archived)
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Nintendo: "Remember Do Not Send Offensive Messages!" (Archived)
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Any news on Flipnote Memo? :c (Archived)
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Any of you ever run into other Ambassadors? (Archived)NearR612/23/2011
One thing I didn't miss about Link's Awakening (Archived)arthur8642912/23/2011
Recommend me a game... (Archived)jEr3mY412/23/2011
I got 100 skulltulas in OOT and 100 in MQ GCN in 2010. 3DS version worth buying? (Archived)Boo_Mario212/23/2011
so are we able to change the controls for the nes and gba titles? (Archived)Jelley0212/23/2011
so... opinions on Might Switch Force? (Archived)The_Pig_Hostage912/23/2011
Ambassado NES game updates (Archived)parKb5712/23/2011
Is Pushmo worth it? (Archived)
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Steel Diver and Pilot Wings for $4.99 each today only (Archived)
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Power Pak + or Power Grip? (Archived)GKD234912/23/2011
Imagine if they made Lumines 3D (Archived)
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So, wait, you can't reply to your own messages in Swapnote? (Archived)Nin3DSFan512/23/2011
Your Nintendo System Stories (Archived)NettoSaito412/23/2011
Nyko Power pak/slide pad question (Archived)EEK THE CAT412/23/2011
The amount of free games I've gotten is just awesome... (Archived)logans_run_82612/22/2011
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