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Anyone like Mortal Kombat? (Nintendo Letter Box Add) (Archived)monkeypahng312/22/2011
Swapnote, faster download? (Archived)NettoSaito312/22/2011
Any way to unfavorite a note in Swapnote besides deleting it? (Archived)Charftino312/22/2011
I can't get... (Archived)90sRetroGaming212/22/2011
Nii_ntendo (Archived)Cody8434612/22/2011
I played a 3DS today and now have a major headache. (Archived)
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3DS paralyzed me (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Few quick ?s (Archived)PinkFloyd1979612/22/2011
Christmas lights set to the tune of Mother 3 (Archived)CloudStrife630212/22/2011
Do you think the 3DS will save the portable gaming industry, since vita killed (Archived)
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Your kidding...(Swapnote related) (Archived)
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Sooo do you get a blue notification light for new letters? (Archived)curryandrice512/22/2011
Post your activity logs... (Archived)aeroblaster7712/22/2011
Frendz... I need moar! (Archived)
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Swapnote froze on me!!! (Archived)sanji573112/22/2011
any game to reccemend? (Archived)Darkstorm16912/22/2011
I am pretty sure... (Swap Notes and Letter Box topic) (Archived)monkeypahng212/22/2011
Smartphones WILL kill the handheld gaming industry. (Archived)Simon_Isturiz412/22/2011
Transfering eShop games? (Archived)Y2Ryoko312/22/2011
How do I view the GBA Games in thier original resoulution? (Archived)Soanevalcke6612/22/2011
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