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So i'm going to buy a 3DS tomorrow... (Archived)Dante_May_Die911/23/2011
What are concidered the best racing and fighting games available? (Archived)Knight_Rider_3K311/23/2011
Will Walmart price match Target's $145 deal on the 3DS? (Archived)abbyhitter511/23/2011
we need more gbc games (Archived)telocaster711/23/2011
Poll: Which games have your three highest play times (in the activity log)? (Archived)
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i know this is old now, but i've just watched it, so annoyed. (Archived)
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Rate my 3DS collection thus far. (Archived)gamerguy2800711/23/2011
So what upcoming 3ds games are you looking forward to? (Archived)telocaster411/23/2011
Harvest Moon 3DS trailer (Archived)
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Looking for some friends to add (Archived)
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Face Raiders (Archived)timefreeze741211/23/2011
When my limited edition Zelda 3DS bundle arrives... (Archived)danwoodsv1111/23/2011
How long does Nintendo take you send you your 3DS back? (Archived)AbsurdTrinity211/23/2011
I hope they release megaman 3d classics (Archived)
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Will there ever be a trace memory sequel? (Archived)crazy4kh3511/23/2011
Just bought the hori screenies... quick question about adhesive (Archived)IDruggedShamu511/23/2011
Can I start a collection thread? (Archived)Alt4llort711/23/2011
Mario flashes his crown.... (Archived)
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gamestop bundle? (Archived)teamsteven01211/23/2011
I`m getting this and OoT 3D for Christmas (Archived)Mudkip_in_Space411/23/2011
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