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3DS board is in meltdown, what happened?
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How is the n3DS any different to what Apple do with iPhones each year?!
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Nintendo's New 3DS Charges 30 Cents to Remove an Internet Browser Filter
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Who Picked Up Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Today?
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Anyone notice ganondorf in direct trailer?m0986-868/29 4:29PM
Ah, **** I didn't expect another revision after the XL and 2DStremain0768/29 4:28PM
Imagine if Smash is announced to be a New 3DS exclusive nextFallenKnightX38/29 4:25PM
all the added buttons opened the use of a new 3dsxl as an additional Wii u pad .ImJeff68/29 4:21PM
What to buy from the capcom sale?ponyseizures58/29 4:21PM
I'm one of the biggest Kirby fans and even I don't think Kirby Fighters DeluxeKlRBEH28/29 4:14PM
New 3DS won't be available in the US until next year!Poweranimals108/29 4:13PM