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why castrate your portable fro one capcom port? (Archived)
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The second analog expansions confirms one thing for the 3DS (Archived)
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Maybe they are gonna replace Wii U controller with the redesigned 3DS ? (Archived)crazybot59/7/2011
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This is the greatest idea ever! (Archived)
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Why has everyone suddenly lost their (online) minds? (Archived)
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guys relax. these are just rumors. nintendo hasnt confirmed anything. (Archived)queirotacobell49/7/2011
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Will this be the final nail in the 3ds coffin? Or is it all greatness from now? (Archived)__Fiale__109/7/2011
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capcom is destroying the industry (Archived)
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Still needs the best accessory set eva (Archived)jesse715059/7/2011
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