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Seriously guys wth? All this "PSP is better" stuff. (Archived)
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Around when will this come out and price? (Archived)zack752137/18/2010
What if THIS amazing game was on the 3DS? (Archived)
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Ubisoft seems to hint a 3ds release this year..? (Archived)xfactor37/18/2010
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Once Gamestop allows Pre-Orders for 3DS I'm gonna be the first one! (Archived)
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Does the 3ds need a Psp2? (Archived)Tengu_spam57/17/2010
How will I know what games to buy if I can't see the 3-D effect on the back of (Archived)
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I really think it would be a good idea to try out online distribution with this (Archived)Shuriko57/17/2010
Why does Square Enix port everything to everything except for SD3? (Archived)
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Pokemon 3DS is most likely going to be a full 3D graphics game (Archived)
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I LOVE my 3DS games the way i LOVE my women (Archived)
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I had a nightmare about the 3DS... (Archived)blazeUP1247/17/2010
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Nintendo should follow the Steam model as far as digital distribution goes. (Archived)
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Do you have to wait in line to pre order? (Archived)
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The only starfox game I've played was the version for the SNES. (Archived)cartman50037/17/2010
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