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So Europe is getting the 3ds video service july 13th, what about us? (Archived)
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Nintendo Video for 3DS starts on July 13th.. So awesome (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust217/11/2011
Problem getting Nintendo Coins. (Archived)
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no matter how much I charge the icon always shows it's 3/4th full. (Archived)Grandy1297/11/2011
AfterZoom video preview (Archived)DarkOctavius37/11/2011
Slide Pad/ 3D (Archived)
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3DS music player (Archived)woody7177/11/2011
How much do you use 3D? (Archived)
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A certain boss in Kirby's Dream Land reminds me of a Virtual Console game I want (Archived)Blaze62757/11/2011
Tablets Affecting Portable Gaming Systems Less and Less (Archived)PhantomSword57/11/2011
I Didn't Know That Rolling Western was an eShop Game... (Archived)PhantomSword37/11/2011
A question about SpotPass (Archived)r0ldy27/11/2011
Ocarina of Time 3D Club Nintendo soundtrack shipping (Archived)
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does battery come pre-charged? (Archived)kingnicky8477/11/2011
How many games improve anti-aliasing without the 3D effect? (Archived)Blair6800057/11/2011
The "Power Off" menu is the single best way to switch game cards safely. (Archived)
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What RPG's have been announced for the 3DS? (Archived)
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Selling Mine On Ebay..... (Archived)
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how good is the screenprotector in the 12in1 pack? (Archived)Gimea77/11/2011
Do you keep power saving mode on or off? (Archived)
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