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My top 3 eShop games. (Archived)SaveDaQueen412/9/2011
Are there better rewards for Club Nintendo? (Archived)hydradragon812/9/2011
Does your dpad have paint cracks? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee1012/9/2011
>_> Japan always gets the coolest stuff... (Archived)
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Streetpass/dead battery glitch fixed? (Archived)KHRiku88312/9/2011
when does swapnote come out? (Archived)Luigi_The_Great412/9/2011
My friend got a Spotpass Mii for Streetpass, but I didn't get his... (Archived)StormKMD612/9/2011
Pink 3DS in Canada? (Archived)WishingTikal212/9/2011
Club Nintendo still down? (Archived)Bleachfreak7712/9/2011
I got a 3ds. can i turn it on to make sure it has no dead pizels and then (Archived)koichi712/9/2011
How's the new 3DS update? (Archived)crazy4kh3612/9/2011
is there patches or updates ??? (Archived)
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Pushmo is...pretty awesome (Archived)
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Is it me or the turning on the 3DS (Archived)blade1133551012/9/2011
How is Shinobi? (Archived)boeing321212/9/2011
Just scored two 3DS systems at target for basically 110 each! (Archived)EntwineRychiar712/9/2011
Club Nintendo is back up again! (Archived)
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When will movies come out? (Archived)The_Djoker712/9/2011
You don't have to have the game cart in 3DS to Streetpass, right? (Archived)darkqueenhelba1012/9/2011
help me pick a game (Archived)KaradurAtani512/9/2011
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