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Vita releases in two days here. . . (Archived)
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The GBA games seem really dim (Archived)Fuzzy__Logic812/16/2011
How do GBA VC saves work? (Transferable?) (Archived)MechaKoopa5000212/16/2011
Best GBA ambassador song? Best GBA ambassador song. (Archived)YoshiBoshi3312/16/2011
Enough about silly GBA roms. Let's talk about how awesome February looks for NA. (Archived)
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i feel left out... (Archived)melchiahdim912/16/2011
Ton of KH3D info (including JP release date) (Archived)Blaze627612/16/2011
It's sad when a bunch of sushis are excited for old games (Archived)pipebomb_sushi_912/16/2011
List your GBA games in your favorite order :D (Archived)Bigglesworth827612/16/2011
Amazing mirror best ability? (Archived)YoshiBoshi3612/16/2011
Can you safely stop a system update download? (Archived)Kamiccolokuetan312/16/2011
So how long do you guys and girls think Mighty Switch Force will be? (Archived)Mega_Rat212/16/2011
With the ambassador status? (Archived)Finale_Wanderer212/16/2011
Easier way to Reset with VC games? (Archived)FireDragoon18212/16/2011
Can anyone log into CN right now? (Archived)jordandrako412/16/2011
What is up with Mario Kart's (GBA) turning?! (Archived)
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Has it been confirmed why "Resident Evil: Revelations" is going to cost $50? (Archived)
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free club nintendo code for first reader (Archived)
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when will the GBA games be available to purchase in europe/australia? (Archived)crispyo812/16/2011
How do you use the download later feature? (Archived)
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