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Call me maybe 3DS fan remix - Swapnote me maybe!
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When will a 3DS model with a battery life of 20+ hours come out?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
asking for friend codesyoyoman1077/27/2012
Nintendo needs to create something called "StreetPass Party"Drac_Mazoku57/27/2012
Is the BluexBlack and RedxBlack 3DS XLs in Europe the same color in the US?ZeroEquat1on17/27/2012
Anyone near Virginia and Maryland going to the Zelda Symphony tomorrow?Marcster199497/27/2012
Has anyone else noticed (about release dates)plasmatic587/27/2012
eShop Downloads July 26th North America
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
How's Rayman (2) 3DS?Neo166167/27/2012
Would you buy a 'New' SMB3?RoyMaster487/27/2012
When you play a DS games on the 3DS is the image stretched?AshWilliams7847/27/2012
Are there any bullet hell games on the 3DS?megagooseqqq77/27/2012
Well I decided to pick up Kirby Pinball Land.Swan362467/27/2012
How much internal storage does the 3DS XL have?Mikemn57/27/2012
Photos at the Mario Party 9 EventFreelance_Wolf57/27/2012
Just downloaded SML 3: Wario Land , KI: of Myths and Monsters, and Metroid 2.MordecaiRocks57/27/2012
This guy just lost all of his eShop purchases.. (please confirm)90sRetroGaming27/27/2012
Bomberman 3DS!!!!!!!!
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I need a good screen protector for the 3ds that's easy to apply.TyrantLowKey67/27/2012
The new System Notification is False Advertising
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