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If capcom demanded a second circle pad, it reminds me of (Archived)falcon71219/7/2011
Isn't this just an optional packaged add on like the Wii Balance Board? (Archived)rashrules39/7/2011
There best be some fudgeing brilliant trade-in deal when the redesign comes. (Archived)__Fiale__59/7/2011
I guess a redesign will come to market pretty quick. (Archived)
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So are they using the 2nd stick for essential play or is it just for lefties? (Archived)__Fiale__89/7/2011
New slide pad thing won't work with nyko battery right? (Archived)jesse715019/7/2011
Why exactly does Monster Hunter need a second circle pad? (Archived)
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FACT: Consumers shouldn't support horrible business practices. (Archived)
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Are you all really tired of all these pad topics? Honestly? (Archived)elihuaran99/7/2011
Mwahaha (Archived)
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Do you think they'll westernize this system? (Archived)Ekidona_39/7/2011
IF it's true!! Would u mind if it was FREE? (Archived)Jonbazookaboz29/7/2011
Is there anybody else here > 21 years of age that owns a 3DS?? (Archived)
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I thought this board would explode if the 3DS gets a MH (Archived)Martikol29/7/2011
So basically the first round of Nintendo handhelds is always a cash pillage? (Archived)peteydif99/7/2011
First people whine about the lack of a second control pad (Archived)
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ONM confirms its real and its made by Nintendo (Archived)
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Another wave of rumours regarding conference. (Archived)
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Just think of the 2nd analog stick like a Wii Motion Plus (Archived)
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Got another eshop card, (Archived)TJ152479/7/2011