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So now that people are done spamming nintendo facebook for the GBA titles... (Archived)kukingina2912/16/2011
Favourite GBA Ambassador game(s)? (Archived)
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Why can't I download my GBA games? (Archived)badgraphix1312/16/2011
I need active friends (Archived)Insert_nameplz512/16/2011
Severe ghosting/dark screen on the ambassador games? (Archived)
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So er... anyone having fun with F-Zero? (Archived)
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Why didn't they just tell us they would be released when they were? (Archived)IMPofBTS412/16/2011
I hope they do more GBA games I want a Sonic Advance game on this (Archived)
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F-Zero (Archived)Agent321512/16/2011
Do we get post-play surveys for GBA games? (Club Nintendo) (Archived)miseryLUVScmpny612/16/2011
Tip for people having trouble with F Zero (Archived)Gavin_Rozee412/16/2011
Why do people hate the golf nes game? (Archived)
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what does the "Add-On Content choice mean in the data management menu? (Archived)celljr89312/16/2011
So those in the US... (Archived)
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So do we get surveys (on club nintendo) for the GBA games? (Archived)Bigglesworth827112/16/2011
3DS Circle Pad Pro? (Archived)Finale_Wanderer312/16/2011
What if... (Archived)blackweasel30612/16/2011
Can someone recommend me some DS rpgs? (Archived)
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You know you suck at F-Zero when ... (Archived)Chenmaster2612/16/2011
Amazing Mirror is simply amazing. (Archived)
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