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Did NA get the GBA games? (Archived)Prealienking412/16/2011
How do you rearange the home menu icons? (Archived)fire_starter05712/16/2011
How many club nintendo coins do you get for registering 3DS games? (Archived)
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awsome zelda oot song... (Archived)Grim__666112/16/2011
Metroid Fusion = Super Metroid 2??? (Archived)
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Where you see the GBA games? >_> (Archived)Sakurafanboy412/16/2011
It keeps calling me a biga monkey ;( (Archived)GoldenSun3DS512/16/2011
I didn't know until just now the GBA games were available. Comments inside. (Archived)Gogo726212/16/2011
It's been a week since the update... (Archived)
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Space needed for all Ambassador games. (Archived)
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Nintendo should embrace homebrew (Archived)
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When do the GBA Ambassador games become unavailable to download? (Archived)HakuMan111386712/16/2011
Does anyone else's not show up in my downloads? (Archived)moemoney210788312/16/2011
gba games are out (Archived)pewpewnomnom512/16/2011
Where are my GBA games? (Australia) (Archived)ReynardFX1012/16/2011
Need Friends! (Archived)
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looking for 3ds friends!! (Archived)
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Might switch force coming next week in AU EU AND NA! (Archived)pikachupwnage1012/16/2011
I got an awesome photo with my 3DS (Archived)Vanguard_6575312/16/2011
*deletes* Ambassador Certificate (Archived)xLexLuth0rx1012/16/2011
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