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Nintendo should make a magnifier add-on next (Archived)Master_Happosai39/6/2011
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GOOD LORD that thing is ugly (Archived)miltank133719/6/2011
I want camera control in Majora's Mask 3D. (Archived)TorchicBlaziken19/6/2011
C/D You will buy the second circle pad if it doubles as a bigger battery (Archived)Jorgezx99/6/2011
Itihnk i know how the 2nd slide pad will conect to the 3DS (Archived)David13649/6/2011
Why would we need to claw in MHTri G? (Archived)bulbinking19/6/2011
Slide pad add-on confirmed for 3DS (Archived)
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So I threw up in my mouth a little (Archived)Bendilin79/6/2011
Ooh! Great idea for a 3D game! (cuz we don't have enough similar topics on here) (Archived)MattKorner29/6/2011
I think there's a reason NoA and NoE aren't telling us about the conference (Archived)TorchicBlaziken39/6/2011
Will the Slider Cradle have Rumble and Extra Battey Life (Archived)yoshiyo18729/6/2011
No proof that Famitsu said anything (Archived)
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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Whats with so many people buying into these stupid rumours? (Archived)
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how would a second circle pad, like, conncect? (Archived)
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When on the 13th is this event? (Archived)DeuxHero79/6/2011
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