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GBA game's resolution (Archived)ObtuseAngina412/16/2011
little confused about the gba downloads(not where they are i know that) (Archived)szunega312/16/2011
Sleep mode downloads (Archived)curryandrice1012/16/2011
:O We get Mario Bros. too? (Archived)ssbmrocks1012/16/2011
Is MvD Minis March Again worth getting? (Archived)OoSubaruoO912/16/2011
*highlights a gba game* (Archived)Rawrman15112/16/2011
After playing Wario Land 4 after several years... (Archived)
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Battery life has suddenly gotten really really bad (Archived)xLexLuth0rx1012/16/2011
Haha remember when people said it's gonna come out at 2012? (Archived)legendarylemur712/16/2011
Kingdom Hearts 3D Official Site Opens!! (Archived)
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GBA resolution? (Archived)
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Is it just me or are the gba games dark? (Archived)Wchoodrat612/16/2011
US GBA Ambassador games release date prediction topic (Archived)
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If any other company had a program like this, we'd have the full list and dates (Archived)
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Classic Pokemon games on the eShop, what's the hold-up? (Archived)
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Hey! Why aren't you playing your GBA games!? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I mostly care about the GBA games because... (Archived)Bearpowers112/16/2011
I can see the gba games but... (Archived)szunega512/16/2011
World's Most Visited Museum Chooses 3DS to Replace Audio-Guides (Archived)PhantomSword612/16/2011
Nintendo, i'm packing with 50 pounds of explodium. (Archived)
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