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So... GBA games? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee712/6/2011
Anybody else not getting the update? (Archived)
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Update available... (Archived)
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Mii Plaza is updated :) (Archived)OUTLAW2009912/6/2011
Update now live in UK too (Archived)Gavin_Rozee212/6/2011
I only have one complaint... (Archived)
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Sony fanboy here, I come in piece. Would the 3DS work for me???my info (Archived)
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Will/should Nintendos next handheld be an outright tablet? (Archived)
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Zelda: Four Swords on both 3DS and DSi. (Archived)
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Any upcoming 3DS deals? (Archived)Smartkick412/6/2011
How does adding friends even work? (Archived)Pokeman718912/6/2011
My 3DS can't hold a charge (Archived)FriendUDontKnow312/6/2011
have any of you encountered the metal mario smashers ? (Archived)tremain07612/6/2011
Touch screen going crazy (Archived)SilentHawk29812/6/2011
Name the best DS games (not 3DS) (Archived)
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Platinum status (Archived)_Resident_Evil512/6/2011
As most of you know SM3DL and MK7 was rushed so it will be released before 2012. (Archived)Chenmaster2412/6/2011
eShop update? (Archived)ShinigamigodX812/6/2011
ATTN: Anyone who recently bought a 3DS at BestBuy and didn't get a $50 gift card (Archived)chikaritachu312/6/2011
Why do you think 3DS users are so insecure about 3DS sales? Like the ps3 fans (Archived)
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