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-to adress the problem of sml3d being way to easy... (Archived)POWNZER_X711/25/2011
Can I move my data to another SD card? (Archived)Hejiru511/25/2011
Getting a 3DS in a few hours, got a couple questions (Archived)kg_twolves21311/25/2011
Wasn't "I just street passed so and so" a fad in July or August? Why is it back? (Archived)Soccer009811/25/2011
Suggested Price For... (Archived)GodReborn411/25/2011
3DS System Transfer? (Archived)Cyncro711/25/2011
I live in uk but on holiday in venice (Archived)ch0ppedinhalf411/25/2011
I street passed a prostitute! (Archived)
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black friday zelda 3ds (Archived)dukeballsosteel111/25/2011
buy 3DS at walmart for 99bucks (Archived)GameMaster14GM411/25/2011
Dragon Quest VII Coming to 3DS (Rumor) (Archived)
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3DS shows me a "double picture" of 3D (Archived)EYALohim711/25/2011
Any Good Black Friday Grabs? (Archived)TheZuperHero711/25/2011
Eshop trouble (Archived)Vic_b_1980211/25/2011
I streetpassed a police officer! (Archived)
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Any other ambassadors hyped for Metroid Fusion? (Archived)
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Ages and seasons before years end? (Archived)Slaysme711/24/2011
Zelda 25th anniversary 3DS... (Archived)
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Should I get the Zelda 3DS bundle for $180, or a regular 3DS for $100? (Archived)SMBfan13411/24/2011
Heads up - Zelda 3DS Game Stop online (Archived)MicroByter511/24/2011
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