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So I was at campus today... (RE related)
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They restrict the amount of times you can play a demo?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Please remind me where to find my friend code.MEDUSAvs_SHOE31/19/2012
What 3DS games are local network multiplayer?bkendig71/19/2012
no gyroscope aiming = :(
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I think I am going to break 100 streetpass tags in 1 day tomorrowxxtearg0dxx101/19/2012
lol @ people complaining!
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Stop posting about the damn Resident Evil: Revelations demo here.strongo981/19/2012
japan demo videos look great u americans just suck
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Future 3ds games?Mortalmaster12321/19/2012
Question about the Resident Evil Revelations demoWiiFan7761/19/2012
the real reason why people are complaining about 3ds demos
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when in gods name are they going to start putting snes games in eshop
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So I heard that you can only play Demos 30 times.Turbo_TRex31/19/2012
which 3DS games have lenticular covers?knives out51/19/2012
SD card questionsMordecaiRocks91/19/2012
How do you get past the spiked dude in the hallway? (RE: R)Emoglobin101/19/2012
2-Hours with Kid Icarus - Classic NES Sprites!red_bachetta71/19/2012
Kinda sucks Resident Evil Revelations uses prerendered cutscenes.
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So in preparation for Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV, I got the DS version and startedSaihig11/19/2012
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