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Lots of new sonic generations gameplay, bosses, rivals,special stage (Archived)xflame10511/19/2011
If I no longer "last online *enter time elapsed*", does that mean I can no ... (Archived)Chenmaster2511/19/2011
The deciding factor for me... 3DS over the Vita (Archived)
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So are there any games anyone would recommend for any system? (Archived)phildool911/19/2011
Bundle Packs? (Archived)Fox_Dreamz211/19/2011
3ds have clicky buttons like original DS or mushy like Lite? (Archived)silenthill4vid411/19/2011
soic generations 3ds english review (Archived)
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Nintendo Rap Music Videos (Archived)parKb5311/19/2011
I got a notification! (Archived)DeathSoul20001011/19/2011
My bottom screen is strange.. anyone have this issue? (Archived)
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when do you think they will release... (Archived)telocaster611/19/2011
Have you guys seen these ps3 ads? (Archived)
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Little Confused About the 3ds... (Archived)
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In need of something to look forward to. (Archived)Nagisa_Shinju311/19/2011
Considering getting Kirby's Adventure. Any other suggestions? (Archived)tacomachef811/19/2011
Is 3DS Netflix streaming still called Netflix? (Archived)SSJ4CHRIS411/19/2011
I really hope they redesign the 3DS.. *blogfaqs sort of. (Archived)Xplode-511/19/2011
Nintendo seems to have made a mistake... (Archived)
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Who's the hottest Pokemon Professor? (Archived)
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3DS system update? (Archived)
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