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You know who needs a game? (Archived)vectorman5511/16/2011
Mario or Zelda Bundle? (Archived)supermario019411/16/2011
Anyone else get an update for HikuOsu? (Archived)Nekoakuma611/16/2011
Pokemon Rumble Blast is a better game than you think it is. (Archived)
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just got myself a 3DS (Archived)ilovebeer365411/15/2011
I want my ice white 3DS T_T (Archived)Dustof_DryBones211/15/2011
Mature content on Nintendo Video right now, titled "Live Fire". (Archived)lp913511/15/2011
For any Nyko PowerPak Plus owners who are looking for a good case... (Archived)Pokeclipse511/15/2011
[JPN] New VC and eShop games (this week and next week) [woo, Bionic Commando] (Archived)
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Special Mii's (Archived)
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dropped 3ds and now dpad seems loose (Archived)pairenoid111/15/2011
What's on the horizon for RPGs? (Archived)
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What just replaced Ballad of the Goddess on Nintendo Video? (Archived)
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Question about 3DS battery life (Archived)xxxxxn311/15/2011
Let's say I get the Nyko Battery for Christmas and I use it.. (Archived)Spoinkfan718711/15/2011
3DS Notification light is green :( (Archived)AbysmalTrinity811/15/2011
Is GAME the cheapest place in the UK to buy a 3DS? (Archived)Yorkshire_14911/15/2011
Faceraiders faces on the 3DS Menu (Archived)coolguy_23911/15/2011
Almost had a meltdown at Game Stop (Archived)
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My friend's 3DS is stuck in 3D. (Archived)
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