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So hey. (Archived)
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What 3rd-party game you want the most for 3DS? (Archived)MrYon911/30/2011
I realized I can see the 3D better eith the top screen snapped fully back (Archived)seafoampheonix411/30/2011
Opinions on Nintendo's new Manual style (Archived)ChronoCactaur611/30/2011
MK on 3DS? (Archived)BlckLghtShningD811/30/2011
I Thought That 2D Games in 3D Would Look Bad, But... (Archived)PhantomSword411/30/2011
NintendoWorldReport Gives Ace Combat 3D an 8/10 (Archived)OmegaZero633111/30/2011
What will the Circle Pad Pro add to Resident Evil: Revelations? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee211/30/2011
Circle Pad Pro for 3DS to launch with Resident Evil Revelations.. in Europe (Archived)Kitt Thrust311/30/2011
What if they like, remade Virtual Boy games... (Archived)guncrashdx611/30/2011
My reward's been shipped ^_^ (Archived)
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Official Countdown to December Update (Archived)esoteric42311/30/2011
Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (Hype topic!) (Archived)Dark Mousy611/30/2011
Of Praising Communities (Archived)PhantomSword311/30/2011
They should make a FPS... (Archived)
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What celebrities own a Nintendo 3DS? (Archived)
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best 3DS game as of now? (Archived)Botnus912511/30/2011
GBA VC games for 3DS? (Archived)pipebomb_sushi_411/30/2011
Hey... (Archived)
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nintendo has done it again.... (Archived)
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