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So I lost my Nintendo 3DS on August 11th. (Archived)
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3DS Full Refund After Trade In At Gamestop (Archived)
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Will Nintendo Make More Augmented Reality Cards (Archived)
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If you send the system in you still maintain ambassador status. (Archived)nintendogger28/13/2011
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Ugh, a Glee trailer. (Archived)
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Transferring games to another SD card (Archived)ImGanondorfLol38/13/2011
So theres absouletly no buzz about pokemon rumble blast, will you be buying it? (Archived)
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Starting to sell out, see if it happens again after restocking next week. (Archived)jesse715048/13/2011
Nintendo should revive more franchises with Miis (Archived)
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How long is it supposed to take for surveys to show up for Link's Awakening? (Archived)ShadowAsylum68/13/2011
You know what game will sell systems? (Archived)
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I'm addicted to viewing 3D images, is that bad?... (Archived)unrealperson98/13/2011
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i just bought the 3DS (Archived)
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