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People whining about others taking advantage of loophole are dweebs. (Archived)
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i live in US but currently visiting canada 3ds netflix issue (Archived)Mos28/6/2011
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The GBA games are not going to be sold later, theyre exclusive to ambassadors (Archived)
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If you buy a 3DS you're just exploiting a loophole (Archived)bytor3328/6/2011
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So if the new Macbook Air and iPad (2) has so much battery... (Archived)
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Anybody here just hate Excite Bike and then slowly start to like it? (Archived)Candido1225108/6/2011
Anyone hope they update the interface with the 20 games? (Archived)mx2a78/6/2011
Happy 25th birthday to Metroid! (Archived)Angry_Aipom78/6/2011
Chronoblade - New 3DS Game (Not in "Chrono" Series, Don't Get TOO Excited) (Archived)
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I hope nintendo finds some way to implement multiplayer on GBA classics (Archived)LunaEstObscura28/6/2011
does anyone here hate free stuff? (Archived)
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Just picked this up with Zelda 3D, and.. (Archived)
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So I'm in search of a good Zelda game... Need help please (Archived)
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