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Not trying to troll but does it have better graphics than the wii? (Archived)superhero9476/15/2010
All the 3Ds needs now is Castlevania (Archived)
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I'm getting the 3DS no matter how much the price is (Archived)
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Kirby 3D? (Archived)
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did they say anything about a music player of some kind for the 3ds? (Archived)Magic_Kirby36/15/2010
i havent been this exited for something new in a while (Archived)ruumple_4_skin26/15/2010
Will this have a harddrive? (Archived)psoesm46/15/2010
How long until 3DS piracy gets full blown? (Archived)
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So konami said that they'll be publishing MGS franchise, does this mean......... (Archived)
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Triple-tone colouring on the 3DS (Archived)the_ice_phoenix56/15/2010
pretty soon they will stop making ds games (Archived)
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There is just one detail that i dont approve of... (Archived)
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So its an actual joy stick? Not just some slider? (Archived)RPGMaster9566/15/2010
ITT we list things that would make it even better (Archived)tangnets46/15/2010
I hope we can use the slide pad to play old DS games. (Archived)Wetterdew66/15/2010
Anyone else hoping for a Starfy 3DS? (Archived)Bat17876/15/2010
the 3ds needs a super smash bros game (Archived)
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Audience reactions to the new Nintendo 3DS! (Archived)teh1337gosu66/15/2010
I love that all the big 3rd part devs are all over this system (Archived)Grunt4016/15/2010
How much will it cost? Any idea? (Archived)Vincent_Seiei66/15/2010