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a date sim needs to be on the 3DS :') (Archived)
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3DS will be a letdown just like the first DS, GBA was too good to us. (Archived)
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the 3ds isnt even out yet and there is already shovelware (Archived)ruumple_4_skin46/16/2010
SOoooooooLD! (Archived)PhilipVanLuke (V)56/16/2010
Why is everyone so hyped? (Archived)
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I want to pay $150 USD, but we'll probably end up paying $200... (Archived)Zelda_Loves_Me76/16/2010
Uhh... quandary time. (Archived)Yabun_no_Indou16/16/2010
one thing i'm unsure about... (Archived)soulcaliburzero66/16/2010
Top screen + bezel = fingerprint magnets (Archived)roflman0816/16/2010
Battery life equal to the DS (Archived)tYRE_60226/16/2010
Malls (Archived)MichaelDeAngelo36/16/2010
Does this new 3DS have GBA Slot? (Archived)
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How much do you think the games are going to cost? (Archived)
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Why are there buttons on the 3DS if the screen sucks you in the game? (Archived)FirePaperMario66/16/2010
Friends list, and acheivements. (Archived)Cruel_Thorn86/16/2010
Does this new Game Boy have digital or analog 3Ds? (Archived)
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3DS's effect on DS/DSI/DS-XL? (Archived)
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Why are people complaining about 3d bein a gimmick? (Archived)21_Schizoid_Man106/16/2010
I feel so outdated now with my PSP. (Archived)
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I hope they make a lot. (Archived)lunchablesrock36/16/2010