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Planning on getting a 3DS, what are the best games for it? (Archived)Blazefire_312/1/2011
People buying 3DS in this music video... (Archived)
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Just finished my first puzzle! (Archived)Awesomeggs1012/1/2011
Cave Story 3d or Ocarina of Time? (Archived)XNo_FearX912/1/2011
Hurry up Nintendo and release that 3d video update already! (Archived)I2aVeN312/1/2011
Know what we need?? (Archived)231er512/1/2011
3ds vc games?? (Archived)XXCalibanXX712/1/2011
Attn: elheber. how do i join NERO (Archived)
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I think I know what people on this board want... (Archived)
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Third dinosaur office vid (Archived)weirdguy8888411/30/2011
How many of you are (Archived)
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how does Sonic Generations on the 3DS compare to the console versions? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
CONFIRMED luigis mansion 2 has multiplayer (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
How is Super Street Fighter IV 3D? (Archived)mr_metalhead6661011/30/2011
F***, wasn't there supposed to be an update today? (Archived)NeonOctopus611/30/2011
Why would any human on the planet buy Resident Evil: Mercenaries? (Archived)
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3DS not in compliance with daylight savings? (Archived)ian2093211/30/2011
free pokedex gift...and nintendo video? (Archived)goemon1977511/30/2011
I'm getting a 3DS so i have something to play in bed (Archived)Yorkshire_14511/30/2011
Streetpass... (Archived)90sRetroGaming511/30/2011
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