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RAGE! Why is Nintendo FORCING us to buy this add on!??!? (Archived)
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What if the add-on slide pad was also a extended battery...? (Archived)Shadowfxd299/7/2011
If the pad comes as a free pack in for games that require it, it's awesome. (Archived)
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circle pad, Circle Pad, CIRCLE PAD, CIRCLE PAD, CIRCLE PAD!!!!! Shut Up Already! (Archived)
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Uh, everyone realizes the add on is a CAPCOM (not Nintendo) invention right? (Archived)
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Slide pad ad on makes it dificult to actually play? (Archived)rubsnick49/7/2011
Any else worried about... (Archived)
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Looks like another site's declared war on Nintendo! (Archived)BroadwayGPU79/7/2011
I see claims stating the second analog is developed by Capcom. (Archived)
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