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You guys realize that this is basically ****ing over touch-screen games right? (Archived)Shuriko56/15/2010
Sign if Nintendo won E3, no contest (Archived)
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So anybody has a video or screen of how the 3DS capabililities look/work? (Archived)fissionprimer36/15/2010
When will the 3DS game boards be up? (Archived)ohh4236/15/2010
C/D Nintendo's Conference gave you multiple orgasms. (Archived)
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C/D: Before today's E3, you thought the 3DS was another crappy gimmick by Ninty (Archived)
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The Animal Crossing character models are kind of odd (Archived)ohh4266/15/2010
Ways that Nintendo can make this fail....... (Archived)
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Hm...that's odd...(SSB related) (Archived)
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3DS Floor Video! (Archived)Motta18786/15/2010
So, 3DS owns (Archived)Alkafrazin36/15/2010
Omg Nintendo just killed me (Archived)fissionprimer56/15/2010
the graphics look AWSOME, and it has a comfortable analogue stick (Archived)WiiFan7796/15/2010
Is anyone else (Archived)KaMitsukai16/15/2010
PSP Ports? (Archived)legendaryhero9986/15/2010
MGS3? ...Guys, Metal Gear AC!D 3 would be perfect for the 3DS. (Archived)luigi3396/15/2010
Any word on what the games will be put onto? (Archived)
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Will the women come with the 3DS? (Archived)GeneralWooI106/15/2010
So, no F-Zero? (Archived)
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why do you people want a second analog stick? (Archived)
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