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Anyone like this Pink 3DS colour? (Archived)Nekoakuma109/13/2011
Mario Kart 7 vs Double Dash (Archived)SimpletonArray39/13/2011
Well, I am a happy camper right now. (Archived)Chao77719/13/2011
Mario kart 7 details*possible spoilers obviously* (Archived)pikachupwnage79/13/2011
Is there a limit to how many games/videos you can have on the home screen? (Archived)SkittyOnWailord99/13/2011
How much would a 3DS trade in for at Gamestop? (Archived)
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The conference summed up (Archived)
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Slide pad to be used in a ton of games, not just Monster Hunter (Archived)
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What's the best racing game for 3ds? (Archived)rdrcr42089/13/2011
[JPN] Nintendo Conference Videos are available to download on eShop now (Archived)Nekoakuma89/13/2011
Is anyone going to import the beastly expansion? (Archived)enjoines69/13/2011
Second slide-pad real, cost roughly $20 USD (Archived)
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Chris in Cali249/13/2011
Wow, Lakitu & Metal Mario? (Archived)ChronoCactaur19/13/2011
Smash Bros. teaser (Archived)Tubula109/13/2011
Yay Project Mirai! :D (Archived)SkittyOnWailord79/13/2011
so what new games that were announced will be coming to US? (Archived)Glass_Bear19/13/2011
What happened at the Nintendo Conference? (Archived)Chykka_Black49/13/2011
For anyone who missed the conference (Archived)Nekoakuma99/13/2011
3DS is now a Franken-handheld? (Archived)
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Games similar to Plants vs Zombies (Archived)darrencorgan29/13/2011
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