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Hope this is more durable (Archived)shadyelf86/15/2010
Hah! The 3DS renders the DSi useless, but not the DS Lite. (Archived)
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Nintendo 3DS: It only does everything (Archived)ohh4256/15/2010
Hey guys, do any of you know when this is coming out? (Archived)Skibz12086/15/2010
i dont have 20/20 vison (Archived)
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IT PRiNTS MONEY!!!!11 IN 3d!! (Archived)dragster21556/15/2010
This is the greatest thing to happen in gaming history (Archived)Grunt40106/15/2010
I demand that the 3DS is packaged with hot women. (Archived)
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any screenshots? (Archived)SgtInfinity46/15/2010
Will there be a worldwide release? (Archived)Aqua6969646/15/2010
I hate the 3DS. (Archived)
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Top screen is 400x240. (Archived)
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What's the first thing you will take a 3D picture of? (Archived)
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No you can't play 3DS games on a regular DS! (Archived)Solidshooter2466/15/2010
Anyone know how the 3DS compares in size to the ds lite? (Archived)Platinum_Luigi26/15/2010
You wanna see real 3D? (Archived)guncrashdx56/15/2010
if there was a redesign (Archived)YoyokuKO76/15/2010
Will every original DS game be compatible? (Archived)TheRedneck1486/15/2010
How many people were modded for posting about 3DS news on the DS board... (Archived)The Hye Circus46/15/2010
*Takes 3D picture of the 3DS's 3D-ness* (Archived)MetaKirbyFan26/15/2010