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Sexism on the showfloor (Archived)
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So this is a completely new system and not just a revision of the DS? (Archived)Maximum Overdrive106/15/2010
Can the DS Lite play 3DS Games (Archived)
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Just found a great quote from the PSP boards (Archived)
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Prediction: Pikmin 3 on 3DS (Archived)the_ice_phoenix66/15/2010
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LOL this looks better than most wii current gen graphics (Archived)
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What are the features for this one compared to a Nintendo DS Lite? (Archived)MrMonkhouse86/15/2010
What would you do if 3DS played all NES, SNES, N64 games? (Archived)tYRE_60296/15/2010
Yes, N3DS is backward compatible. (Archived)Sakurafanboy56/15/2010
shouldn't there be a board for the new kid icaurs game? (Archived)Magic_Kirby46/15/2010
Ridge Racer???? (Archived)Yorkster56/15/2010
Will the dsi go way down in price? (Archived)Zelda_Freek22776/15/2010
I can dream, can't I? (Archived)Ncuday36/15/2010
so games will just get new stuff in them without having to connect to wi fi? (Archived)sebetai36/15/2010
Anyone else going to wait? (Archived)Ki_cat_16/15/2010
Ocarina of Time Remake (Archived)HellsDrunkard46/15/2010
I think a Final Fantasy Tactics game would be quite awesome on this (Archived)Zubats96/15/2010
can the 3DS still play DS games? (Archived)tremain0746/15/2010