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About the rumor regarding the "two new games" for the Ambassador program, (Archived)
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I need a review from a left handed person (Archived)
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First month of Club Nintendo year is up. (Archived)
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I hate living in New York :(. (Archived)
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two weeks with no vc? that didn't take long! (Archived)somnambulance48/1/2011
Anyone who thinks its wrong for people getting both the games and the price drop (Archived)
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Star fox 3d has approx 10% of today's poll vote... (Archived)
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transferring eshop purchases? (Archived)jderose918/1/2011
Updates to the Mii Maker/Plaza: Can we expect more games from this? (Archived)darkqueenhelba68/1/2011
Crunchyroll for 3DS A/D? (Archived)xWazManx48/1/2011
The Root of the 3DS's problem right now (Archived)
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Mario Kart Super Circuit (Archived)
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