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So is it worth it? (Archived)ShiftOne21Times511/24/2011
I have $30 to spend on the eShop (Archived)Krion64611/24/2011
metroid II now avaliable (Archived)
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Sonic or Mario? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
My speculation of new Pokemon Game (Archived)
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My Limited Edition Zelda 3DS comes in tomorrow! (Archived)OutsideTheCube1011/24/2011
Wow, there are quite a few Wii videos in the eShop now (Archived)Kitt Thrust111/24/2011
Pushmo 3D trailer is in the eShop (Archived)Kitt Thrust111/24/2011
Thinking of buying the Zelda 3DS (Archived)f1r35t0rm611/24/2011
Amazon Order (Archived)Mallachar1011/24/2011
How 'Limited' is the Zelda 3DS Bundle? (Archived)RedHaste411/24/2011
Gamestop 3DS Trade-In (Archived)kdubb4410811/24/2011
Your reaction: 3D Classics Pokemon Yellow makes a surprise appearance on Xmas (Archived)
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Wonder if Mario Tennis/Golf GBC VC would could mimic the transfer pack. (Archived)DeuxHero511/24/2011
Could it be possible that... (Archived)ShyAdahan411/24/2011
Can the walking points/coins be used in any other game so far? (Archived)
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Are the Mario/Zelda bundles only being sold at Best Buy and Gamestop? (Archived)WaterInZen411/24/2011
Hours and Steps Topic (Archived)MBBDarigon611/24/2011
3DS display is better than I'd thought (Archived)JP_Sartre511/24/2011
Best 3DSWare game? (Archived)PitfallMario411/24/2011
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