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Do you guys think the Wii U will go down the same path of the 3DS launch? (Archived)
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Anyone know if these games will be on sale during Black Friday? (Archived)
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I just stood in line for an hour for a 3DS Mario bundle (Archived)HighOnPhazon1011/25/2011
Games you are looking forward to the most in the future (Archived)LugiaMaster45611/25/2011
anyone get a 3ds this black friday? (Archived)queirotacobell811/25/2011
Just got back from my local gamestop in san diego... (Archived)SaveDaQueen811/25/2011
Looking for Devil summoner (Archived)The_Blue_Stuff911/25/2011
3D land or Mario Kart 7? (Archived)Megaguts811/25/2011
Is there any speculation on whether a new model will be released within a year? (Archived)Shuriko811/25/2011
3DS got me dizzy (Archived)
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For everyone that is thinking about picking up the Zelda 3DS bundle (Archived)NEWTisBACK711/25/2011
I Street Passed Obama! (Archived)
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so what exactly is coming in this "big" update? (Archived)DeathSoul2000411/25/2011
Odd question, but how do I unbox my 3DS? (Archived)Ozarhok1011/25/2011
3D horror game ideas? (Archived)Bleachfreak7711/25/2011
So the reason that Waluigi is out is because they rushed this game? (Archived)
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More Kingdom Hearts 3D Info, Screens (Archived)PhantomSword311/25/2011
Poll: Do you think the next Mario platformer should have more of a plot? (Archived)
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Is the 3DS compatible with WAP (Archived)pmaster411/25/2011
Most anticipated E3 game that was quickly forgotten... ? (Archived)
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