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Let me reprashe is furry legends the game that just came out on the eshop worth (Archived)pikachupwnage310/14/2011
You know what I want for a 3D classic? (Archived)
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internet browser (Archived)Xx51LLYR4BB1TxX610/14/2011
I find it ridiculous (Archived)
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Remember that announcement where they said 3DS was going to be for multimedia? (Archived)
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when are they going to lower the price ? (Archived)yetiberry210/14/2011
Friends List. (Archived)autoalchemist62510/14/2011
3DS owners...in NYC...heading to comic con? (Archived)libatako610/14/2011
DS Recommendations would be greatly appreciated! (Archived)
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When are we going to get the Super Mario 3D Land demo on e-shop? (Archived)lizard81288410/14/2011
What do you want from the Pokemon series on 3DS? (Archived)albinojako710/14/2011
Furry legends worth 5? (Archived)pikachupwnage710/14/2011
Question about online sales tax with the eshop (Archived)
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I want a NEW metal gear game for 3ds. (Archived)BossBang510/14/2011
Interesting.... (Archived)Soccer009710/14/2011
Where can I get AR cards from? (Archived)autoalchemist62610/14/2011
What are the best DS games to collect for playing on the 3ds... (Archived)
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What sellers are offering pre-order bonuses for Super Mario 3D Land? (Archived)WiiFan77210/14/2011
3DS wifi on and working but won't go "online" (Archived)iloveyoshi0XO710/14/2011
Don't kill me for asking but... (Archived)
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