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Everyone on this board make your own "4 swords is up" topic! (Archived)CHEEEESEMAN29/28/2011
WE KNOW, alright!? (Archived)
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Four Swords are in the house!! (Archived)Nintendoman78819/28/2011
Pediometer Step Counter Glitching Question? (Archived)MonarchPoopos99/28/2011
Four Swords is up. Fo Realzies. (Archived)brianrseymour19/28/2011
guys four swords is up (Archived)queirotacobell19/28/2011
Is 4 swords going to release on dsi shop? (Archived)
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Uh. My charge light isnt turning on. (Archived)PrinceBlueblood109/28/2011
Bit.Trip Saga (Archived)
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So I just checked if it was up on the eShop yet... (Archived)Timohtep89/28/2011
Single player 4 swords only let you control one link? (Archived)
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Wow, I just realised I have a lot of 3DS games... lol (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Forget FS,we need this! (Archived)David13629/28/2011
The US got Link's Awakening a day before Europe (Archived)Gavin_Rozee69/28/2011
New Tetris Axis Videos (Archived)AncientRomeBC89/28/2011
Any confirmation on wether Metroid 2 will be available state side tomorrow? (Archived)XCrossYZ39/28/2011
I've owned every Nintendo handheld... (Archived)MrLonely8969/28/2011
3DS is better than Vita because Atlus support 3DS more (Archived)
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Nintendo Zone? (Archived)Muljo Stpho49/28/2011
Question for importers (or people who know a lot about importing). (Archived)
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