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Question for those who play their 3DS a lot. (Archived)
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Nintendo is done... (Archived)mkicon77/29/2011
How to get the 3DS for $169.99 and the free games (Archived)
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So, how much does the price drop shave off in your region? (Archived)raymanfan127/29/2011
The best way to get the 20 free games and the $80 discount (Archived)SUPERM3TROID87/29/2011
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Troubling trends in Gaming (Archived)
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How do you switch the Mii your friends see you as in your friend roster? (Archived)LucarioLatiosDS27/29/2011
You know, all this "3DS is finished, Nintendo is done!" seems so familiar... (Archived)
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I must be crazy. (Archived)Spiffy24767/29/2011
NES Games are Transferabble to new 3DSs, but not GBA (Archived)
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with the huge price drop and lack of games will the be another virtual boy (Archived)
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3DS sales vs iPAD sales (Archived)
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Anyone else think 3DS is less disappointing than Wii was? (Archived)endoflevelboss107/29/2011
Let's Golf 3D is pretty decent. (Archived)crazybot17/29/2011
how would a game look like if they got to use all 532MHZ plus the 128 MB of ram (Archived)
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eliminate side bars (Archived)Aalvi37/29/2011
Who would love Achievements for the 3DS?! (Archived)
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3DS ambassador (Archived)
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