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What are some good DSi Ware? (Archived)
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why does my 3DS not turn off? (Archived)
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So did nintendo officially confirmed there will be no 3ds redesign in 2012? (Archived)
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will the nes games be avalible to non ambassdors sept 1st? (Archived)SOLIDHIGGI78/30/2011
I suppose the "rumoured" list of Ambassador games was fake then :( (Archived)Gavin_Rozee78/30/2011
C/D The first ambassador game you will download is the Legend of Zelda (Archived)
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I will be getting the red one the day it comes out. What are a few games to get? (Archived)spartalaughs88/30/2011
World can't enjoy Love Plus, Tales and Senran Kagura thanks to region locking. (Archived)
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These free games better be worth the wait (Archived)
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