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Prices are way to damn high (Archived)
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They should show Gamecenter CX on Nintendo Video. (Archived)darkqueenhelba98/30/2011
I'm new to 3ds and apparently a complete idiot...but please help (Archived)XanderStrange58/29/2011
*hunting-panther pose as I wait for a 20$ sale for star fox when it comes out* (Archived)logans_run_8258/29/2011
Proof that the 3DS is better than the Vita (Archived)
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Ive said this before, but man I cant believe starfox has no online (Archived)andizzle2966298/29/2011
It would be funny (Archived)drothegreat0ne108/29/2011
Nintendo bombs this week in the Stalk Market (Another rumor) (Archived)
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Best headphones? (Archived)
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3DS commercials (japanese) (Archived)darkqueenhelba68/29/2011
Have to ask, eShop down again? (Archived)raymanfan138/29/2011
i don't understand....... (Archived)TNT4212108/29/2011
the 3DS REALLY needs a Privet-message center for friends. (Archived)
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Just got my first Eshop card (Archived)TJ152498/29/2011
Streetpass help? (Archived)TJ152438/29/2011
I think 3ds can coexist with the superior nintendo vita, but to do that (Archived)
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How about DK 3DS that uses dkc and dk64 elements... (Archived)
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I don't see the point of Animal Crossing. (Archived)
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What CAN you do with friend codes? (Archived)ssbmrocks48/29/2011
Want WWE All-Stars on 3DS? Let THQ know! (Archived)whitaker6490108/29/2011