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If anyone buys a 3DS after the price drop and has any questions, ask me. (Archived)Bendilin98/8/2011
Costcos in Canada pricedropped last week (Archived)PeterLax5568/8/2011
If I get my 3DS sent out for repariment.... (Archived)
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Why blocks and not MBs? (Archived)
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If anyone buying a 3DS after the price drop has any questions, ask me. (Archived)agoogua78/8/2011
What first party games are confirmed to be coming to the 3DS this year? (Archived)Finale_Wanderer108/8/2011
Please bring Harvest Moon series for 3DS VC! (Archived)
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Look at this and tell me it's not perfect for the 3DS (Archived)9406788/8/2011
My friend did not get charged for his 3DS at Wal-Mart today... WTF? (Archived)
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Working at Target - I just met the most misinformed customer yet (Archived)
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There should be a game where you get to be a mad scientesto (Archived)Second_Chances38/8/2011
Just how powerful IS the 3DS anyways? (Archived)
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How many 3DSs have been sold so far? (Archived)blundermine78/8/2011
C'mon Nintendo, Where's the Metroid love ? (Archived)
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I wish we could choose which twenty games we wanted from a small list... (Archived)
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Local Wal Mart dropped the price already. (Archived)seb0378/8/2011
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Let's Golf! 3D - where did this game come from!? (Archived)BizzyBum38/8/2011
I wouldn't mind Zelda 2 as one of the free games. (Archived)crazybot58/8/2011