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Since MML3 is canceled, why not play this instead? (Archived)
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Bring 3DS to Canada's Wonderland...good idea? (Archived)
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Super Mario 3DS camera angles (Archived)CompleteGamer787/23/2011
lets get youtube on this thing! (Archived)
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3DS's #1 upcoming game, gets a new trailer (Archived)
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I'm glad Nintendo is porting/remaking games for the 3DS (Archived)
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Halo, SOTC/ICO compared to Starfox and OoT (Archived)
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How do you get 3DS pictures on the top screen to spin? (Archived)Krav27/23/2011
So Today's Poll has Capcom the most hated dev/pub. (Archived)
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Who Else Would Want a Resolution of at Least 480p For a 3DS Revision? (Archived)
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how to play games online? (Archived)gamefreakdanny77/23/2011
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Should Nintendo start working on the next portable console already? (Archived)
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I Doubt That the Dual Screens Will Ever Leave (But it's Possible) (Archived)PhantomSword87/23/2011
About the new section in the eShop (6 or more players) or w/e its called (Archived)oH_Hydra97/23/2011
sales of 3ds in japan this week DOUBLED! (Archived)
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