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more good news release months for mario and mario kart 3ds (Archived)
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Sign here if... (Archived)booloroo17/28/2011
Why is everyone assuming that there will only be 20 NES/GBA games to choose from (Archived)Bitentili67/28/2011
I did not regret buying my 3DS at launch. (Archived)Flint24787/28/2011
One of the free NES games better be Excitebike (Archived)horror_spooky77/28/2011
With Nintendo's brilliant maneuver everyone's busy but any D/L info for today? (Archived)xoftheuniverse17/28/2011
So there's 10 unannounced freebies for us. (Archived)
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Best Buy price match? (Archived)SuperViolence47/28/2011
Ambassadors Program in the US? (Archived)Anime_Killer1777/28/2011
So does the price drop for the 3ds mean a price drop for the dsi/xl as well? (Archived)SUPERM3TROID77/28/2011
DragonBall Z SuperSonic Warriors 3 or.... (Archived)
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Yoshi's Island is more than worth the extra money I paid to be an early adopter. (Archived)Garp_fist97/28/2011
Is it possible to format the system memory without using the system settings? (Archived)HyrenFlavored37/28/2011
I am broken (Archived)cartman500107/28/2011
One thing that would have been the sprinkles on the icing on the cake. (Archived)Jackalfox57/28/2011
The ambassador's program... (Archived)
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I haven't gone online with my 3DS yet (Archived)n00b133737/28/2011
Am I the only one who's happy about the price cut?(in terms of already owning) (Archived)Rawrman1577/28/2011
Link to US press release (Archived)bytor3317/28/2011
Is anyone else disappointed/angry about the price cut so soon? (Archived)CEs_EFG57/28/2011