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Poll: Are you going to purchase the 3DS after the price drop? (Archived)
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Has any other nintendo system launched without a mario game? (Archived)
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what are the chances of these games being released on the 3DS e shop (Archived)ramsean88/3/2011
how do I register for eshop? (Archived)Nightshift198328/3/2011
When you buy a 3ds do you still need to charge it up all the way before you use (Archived)
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Gah! Curse my rlousy eyesight! (Archived)
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Question about the top screen (Archived)RamPaGe7428/3/2011
Is there a "safe" way to charge the 3DS? (Archived)Halo3GAMEFREAK68/3/2011
To all the naysayers: at this point, is there anything Nintendo could do right? (Archived)
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What do you think will be the first real first person shooter on the system? (Archived)MetroidJunkie98/3/2011
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Good idea to trade in DSi for 3DS now? (Archived)
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So I went and bought my pretty console today at Best Buy. (Yes, another topic) (Archived)
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You can delete your save in Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions (Archived)MicroOmegaMan38/3/2011
If you could choose one game to become a 3D classic which would it be and why? (Archived)
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When does the eshop update? (Archived)Toke4us28/3/2011
Would you like to see a sequel to kirby epic yarn? On 3ds! (Archived)
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What is your home menu set on? (Archived)
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Poll: will you buy The Rolling Western and/or Picture Lives? (Archived)r_m_8_8108/3/2011
Just got word Gamestop official NOT offering price match guarantee 3DS (Archived)
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Ben Reilly498/3/2011