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2D games announced/released so far? (Archived)r_m_8_828/19/2011
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will it hurt my 3ds to play when plugged in, fully charged? (Archived)I_Pwn_Tetris38/19/2011
question whats the hate between ios games and ds? (Archived)
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I can grab A 3ds for $170, with OoT, SML3d, and MK7! Awesome! (Archived)lizard8128898/18/2011
For $1.99, would you buy an app of Shiggy, Iwata, and Sakurai laughing? (Archived)
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Okay, this Virtual Console thing is getting REALLY annoying... (Archived)
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Is it true that Iwata... (Archived)HermanTuttle98/18/2011
What the hell are you guys talking about? (MGS3D) (Archived)
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Any good 1.99 games? (Archived)
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New Nintnedo Video: Jason Derulo - "It Girl" (Archived)
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Questions on connecting in connecting in public places wifi (Archived)Pappyland38/18/2011
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The video for Urban Champion is Misleading. (Archived)N64Mario98/18/2011
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what would you have named this handheld instead of 3ds? (Archived)
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Earthworm Jim now transferrable (Archived)BigDaddyWingnut78/18/2011
A friend of mine is giving me his Pirates 3D lego 3DS game for free... (Archived)
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