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Are there ANY goals in Kirby Dream Land... (Archived)raymanfan169/27/2011
why don't they... (Archived)hitman5168629/27/2011
Anyone play Break Tactics? (Archived)
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What game should I rent next? (Archived)
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Do you guys think (Archived)David13649/27/2011
does E-shop take debit? (Archived)toasty_toaster69/27/2011
What will be the next thing in the doomsayers list about ninty? (Archived)David13659/27/2011
Next 2 Month on Gamefaqs... (Archived)
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Will Zelda Four Swords get released early? (Archived)
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Another eShop recommendation needed. (Archived)Marsford109/27/2011
So, uhhh... (Archived)1gecko29/27/2011
Is Four Swords a LoZ game that uses Link is his iconic Greent Tunic to play in?? (Archived)
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Hopefully the real 3DS Zelda game doesn't have Stylus controls for movement. (Archived)
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Is Castle Conqueror on the eShop good? (Archived)markcorey9729/27/2011
What is a good eshop game to buy? (Archived)The_Epic_Omelet89/27/2011
~4 Swords Adventures will be so AWESOME! Especially the online!~ (Archived)
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The DS missed out on Disgaea 2... (Archived)SazukeEX49/27/2011
Four Swords IS pixelated (Archived)scorejunkie29/27/2011
Does Four Swords have explosions? (Archived)Tempest71739/27/2011
Has anyone else played Super Mario 3D Land? (Archived)
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