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Price Drop: Life Support or New Lease on life? (Archived)
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If we get Fire Emblem as part of the Ambassador program... (Archived)
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If you had a close friend or family member that wants to buy a 3DS (Archived)
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Nintendo should cut 3DS game prices too. (Archived)Im_A_Dog47/29/2011
Nintendo Takes a Loss on Each 3DS Sold (Archived)
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Green 3DS? What is this? (Archived)Starwars4J97/28/2011
i love ocarina 3d, i love the dreamcast, you lost 80 dollars, president lost 50b (Archived)xCha0s87/28/2011
Is it an original Metroid Fusion, or is Zero Mission? (Archived)ZHDALKER57/28/2011
Nintendo's former president loses $500,000,000 (Archived)
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I live in Canada, can I set my region to USA before I buy games? (Archived)SplatterNuts77/28/2011
What's the worst we can get with the remaining 10? (Archived)
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So... (Archived)OzymandiasIV27/28/2011
A scratch. (Archived)ZHDALKER47/28/2011
Final Fantasy 6 as one of the GBA games please (Archived)Deshokun87/28/2011
I was thinking of a MH for the 3DS (Archived)LordFarquad131287/28/2011
I can't believe people say the 3DS is not hardcore... (Archived)CompleteGamer737/28/2011
I'm looking for a game to buy with my brand new 3DS (Archived)Godstriker837/28/2011
C/D If it wasn't for the 20 free games, you would have... (Archived)
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