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So...(Nintendo Conference speculation) (Archived)
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NPD analysis; something alarming for everyone (Archived)
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Redesign better have the ability to transform! (Archived)
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Considering a 3ds, is it worth it? (Archived)
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How long was it before the DS1 got good games? (Archived)DeuxHero89/12/2011
Question about the conference (Archived)kinglink1379/12/2011
Question about the Mother/Earthbound series. (Archived)Nin3DSFan49/12/2011
Wait I thought the event (Archived)
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Above all else, Nintendo is still succeeding here (Archived)F150II89/12/2011
Wait What? (Archived)Pkjoan79/12/2011
Starfox 3D best pick up and play game. (Archived)brementer39/12/2011
Tea Dogs 3D, eh? Hmmm... (Archived)
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it doesnt matter what happens tommrow im a true 3ds fan. (Archived)SOLIDHIGGI29/12/2011
Here's a random image for you to stare at. (Archived)Nin3DSFan59/12/2011
Uh oh, here comes all the pre conference topics. (Archived)Lord_Frood99/12/2011
C/D the one thing we need more than a 2nd analog is: (Archived)
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Mario Kart 7 (Archived)
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is the press conference on tv? (Archived)majora12339/12/2011
TGS Speculation (Opinions available) (Archived)Pkjoan109/12/2011
Do you think anything about animals crossing will be anounced? (Archived)joeyxxxx469/12/2011
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